Oz Hilltraveler

Corruption Killing Paladin


Str 12, +1
Dex 18, +4
Con 12, +1
Int 12, +1
Wis 16, +3
Cha 13, +1

AC 21
HP 34

+5 to Attack
Dmg: 1d6
Crit: 19-20, x2

+8 to attack
Dmg: 1d4
Crit: x3


Member of the Church of the Silver Flame but currently wandering without a cleric. Os Was betrayed upon discovering his home cleric was corrupted. Os lashed out with divine will, leaving the cleric dead and the church in ruins.
He is now seeking to cut out the cancer of corruption in the church, any and everywhere.
Os must find a new, pure cleric to teach him to further expand his Paladin powers.

Oz Hilltraveler

Campaign #01 gurillamack